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Koni fsd h&r sport

Next car, which I myself, that I the KONI FSD with h & R spring & bar view can, purely as a comparison be established with the Eibach ProKit. In the main most dampers volition settee to inside 5mm of original drive height. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality.

Quote, originally posted by kutark What i've ultimately decided is to get the H&R OE Sport Springs, since they are at least height matched to the stock shocks, the only thing different is they're slightly stiffer.i actually have the following for sale (all new)...h&r oe sports, w axle bolts - 0 shippedeuro bump stops - shippedlmk if ur interested.

Koni Fsd Grueling

Even with adjusting Eibach KONI FSD, I was always unhappy and looking through the bars to complete my package (I monzas stock 17 inches on Contis).

I think I power wealthy person to copy you on this :) ProKit Springs slightly better improvement for understeer.I have PSS9s on my Cayman S and love them - great streetperformance dampner.I'm thinking of the 10 mm spacers aswell.

Koni Painted

KONI FSD - patented technology ride for the elite.Less body roll and less wheel spin in tight corners.

KONI FSD (frequency selective damping) shock Combinesexcellent road holding and transfer characteristics with no Compromisecomfort levels.No need for corner balancing on coilovers.